Make Informed Decisions

Read What People Are Saying About Hot Tub Expos.

“You just have to remember these events are designed to make the sale; today!” says Dale Dixon, CEO for Better Business Bureau serving the Snake River Region. “Their advertising promotes great savings, but at what cost to the buyer?”

"the hot tub expo does a ton of advertising saying “Multiple Brands competing for your business.” And it would make sense that we would be at an event where there are multiple hot tub brands, right!?"

"He attempted to contact the company responsible for the events two years ago, and claims he received a legal threat in response."

"Don't risk getting stuck without warranty, support or service."

"High pressure, professional salespeople are hired to operate these tent sales and use every method at their disposal to close the deal fast and at the highest profit margin since they work on a commission-basis."

"The host of the event has held these before. They're very cagey about any specific information though -- they just say "browse major hot tub brands". Their website is www.spaexpo.com and their company name is spa, pool & patio, Inc. Anyone have any idea what makes are shown at these shows? I called the toll-free number and sent an email asking, but both went unanswered."

“...an overpriced mid grade spa from a slash and burn artist who is running hundreds of miles away with you money can be the beginning of a really bad experience.”

“Most hot tub exhibitors at carnivals, fairs and parking lots do not have a local showroom or local service. They set up, use high-pressure sales tactics on you (!), and pack up the tent once the fair has ended. Many unwary hot tub buyers lose cash deposits and never receive their hot tub after succumbing to a slick salesperson at a fair…”

“Many companies send professional sales teams to Home Shows and Expos that are accustomed to pressuring visitors to buy. Oftentimes, these high-pressure tactics lead to impulse purchases and significant buyer’s remorse.”

“It definitely sounds tempting to “Save 40% to 80%” but if you look closely, that 40-80% discount is off MSRP which is an artificially inflated price that nobody actually sells for. The “sale” isn’t really a sale at all. You may actually end up paying more than you would for the same spa at a local dealer.”

“Once your traveling road show spa expo leaves town and you’ve received a hot tub, you likely will never see these people ever again, and it will be difficult to get service. If you are buying outside of town and their home base is on the other side of the province, ask yourself how you will be able to receive service or parts in the long run?”

“They are like people who work at a carnival. Blow into town for a few days, take as much money from that town as possible, and then it’s on to the next town. Unfortunately, this type of “Expo” is known in the hot tub industry as the hot tub traveling circus scam. “

“...you might be happy in the moment with a traveling spa show, but down the road, you will have a much greater chance of being dissatisfied.”

Fight for Your Consumer Rights

Consumer protection consists of laws and organizations designed to ensure the rights of consumers as well as fair trade competition and the free flow of truthful information in the marketplace. The laws are designed to prevent businesses that engage in fraud or specified unfair practices from gaining an advantage over competitors and may provide additional protection for the weak and those unable to take care of themselves. Consumer protection laws are a form of government regulation which aim to protect the rights of consumers. For example, a government may require businesses to disclose detailed information about products—particularly in areas where safety or public health is an issue, such as food. Consumer protection is linked to the idea of "consumer rights" (that consumers have various rights as consumers), and to the formation of consumer organizations, which help consumers make better choices in the marketplace and get help with consumer complaints. Other organizations that promote consumer protection include government organizations and self-regulating business organizations such as consumer protection agencies and organizations, the Federal Trade Commission, ombudsmen, Better Business Bureaus, etc.